Library Orientation

All faculties and the Institute of Technology, University of Moratuwa are encouraged to arrange a two-hour library orientation sessions for their new staff, and undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students.  These sessions are conducted by professional library staff, and are designed to introduce the library’s wealth of resources, facilities and services.  Each session is designed as a two hour session and the following are their primary areas of interest.

Introduction of the Library :

This session introduces the resources, facilities and services of the library with practical demonstrations.

Online Catalogue :

The objective of this session is to provide a basic idea on the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). This is a practical session which is conducted in a computer-classroom environment with hands-on experience.

Books and Periodicals

Differences between books and periodicals are discussed in this session. Techniques associated in extracting information from such resources are discussed in the session. Hands-on practice and demonstrations are included.

Online Resources

Students are provided with a basic introduction to the library’s online resources. This session is conducted in a computer-classroom environment, and provides hands-on experience

Information Sources

Students are guided to identify different kinds of print and electronic information sources which are useful for their information needs.